Korea, Bigotry in Vermont, and Business Networking (5/25/18)

First up we hear from Peter Henne from UVM about the ongoing situation on the Korean Peninsula. Then we have a news Review and a discussion of recent incidents of bigotry in Vermont with Times Argus and Rutland Herald Editor Steve Pappas. Then, Vickie Wacek of BNI-Vermont joins us to talk about a different approach to business networking.

Business and Industry Expo (5/24/18)

The Dave Gram Show travels Thursday to the Vermont Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business and Industry Expo on Thursday. Topics will range from how to guard against workplace sexual harassment to the use of improv comedy in marketing to introducing the winner of this year’s Deane Davis Outsourcing Vermont Business of the Year Award.

From the Statehouse: Special Session (5/23/18)

We start with leaders of a new youth civics program called the Good Citizen Challenge. Then Jason Gibbs, chief of staff for Gov. Phil Scott and Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe join us in to talk about lawmakers’ return to the Statehouse.

High Legal Fees and an Abortion Gag Rule (5/22/18)

The first hour of Tuesday’s show features a panel of lawyers talking about why their rates are so high — often $250 to $300 per hour, and what that means for access to justice for low- and moderate-income people. In the second hour, our guest is Lucy Leriche of Planned Parenthood, talking about the serious negative impacts on that organization …

News Review and Labor Issues (5/21/18)

We begin with a review of top Vermont stories. Then Mike Spillane joins us to talk about contract talks between Consolidated Communications and its unionized employees. In the second hour, we’re joined by retired Green Mountain Power executive Steve Terry and Steve Howard of the Vermont State Employees’ Association to talk about the Senate’s rejection of Gov. Phil Scott’s appointment …

Gun Rights and Special Olympics (5/18/18)

Paul Heintz of Seven Days talks about his story this week on gun rights advocates saying they’ve been betrayed by a Gov. Phil Scott. And Sue Minter of the Special Olympics talks about upcoming events and about the movement for greater inclusion for people with disabilities.

Statehouse Impasse, Freilich on Welch, and Mid-East Flare-Up (5/17/18)

Retired Middlebury College political science professor Eric Davis talks with Dave about the impasse between lawmakers and Gov. Phil Scott. Congressional candidate Dan Freilich talks about Peter Welch and PhRMA money. Vermont Jewish leaders talk about the rift in their community over Israel/Palestine.

News Review, PFOA, and Farming in the Forest (5/16/18)

Colin Meyn of VTDIGGER joins us for a news review, Jim Therrien of Digger and The Bennington Banner joins us for an update on the PFOA situation in Bennington. In the second hour, Dave talks with Cornell University expert Steve Gabriel about a course he’ll be guest-teaching soon on farm operations run on forested landscapes. Pigs love foraging in woods, …

From the Statehouse (5/11/18)

The Dave Gram Show broadcasts live from the Statehouse in Montpelier, where House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe and Jason Gibbs, chief of staff to Gov. Phil Scott join Dave for a discussion of the week’s events. Dave will then turn to John Walters of Seven Days for some analysis.

Hoff Remembered and Jazz Fest (5/10/18)

With late Gov. Phil Hoff’s memorial set for Saturday, some of those who knew him join Dave to share memories. That’s followed by a preview of the upcoming Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

Consumer Protection and the Hippie Invasion (5/9/18)

On Wednesday’s Dave Gram Show, three state senators join us to talk about consumer protection legislation they’re hoping to pass in the waning days of the session. In the second hour, writer Yvonne Daley joins us to talk about her book “Going Up The Country,” about the influx of hippies into Vermont in the 1960s and 1970s.

GMO Foods, Rural Schools, and News Review (5/8/18)

Dave talks with Paul Burns of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group and Margaret Laggis of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization about new federal labeling rules for genetically modified foods. Jon Margolis of VTDigger and Paul Cillo of the Public Assets Institute join Dave for a conversation about the impact on rural schools of Gov. Phil Scott’s education funding proposals. Colin …

Ticks and Solar Energy (5/7/18)

Pat Bannerman of vtlyme.org joins Dave for a discussion of ticks and Lyme disease. James Moore of SunCommon talks about a recent state decision to reduce payments to owners of solar energy owners.

From the Statehouse (5/4/18)

From the Statehouse in Montpelier, Dave moderates an informal debate between Gov. Phil Scott’s chief of staff, Jason Gibbs, on school funding. Dave and VTDigger’s Anne Galloway analyze the debate. Digger’s Allen Keyes joins Dave to talk about criminal justice legislation. And Minority Leader Don Turner discusses Republicans’ ability to sustain Scott’s vetoes.

Schools, Sports, and Trump (5/3/18)

Political columnist John Walters of Seven Days joins Dave for analysis of Gov. Phil Scott’s school funding plan. WDEV’s Jon Noyes and Dave dig into the New England sports scene. And Dave is joined by two national correspondents in a discussion of the latest legal twists and turns surrounding President Donald Trump.

Maple, Schools, and Socially Responsible Business

Original Air Date: May 2, 2018 Congressman Peter Welch talks about maple labeling; state Rep. Scott Beck discusses school funding. In the second hour, we hear from Jane Campbell and Dan Barlow of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

News and Analysis

Original Air Date: May 1, 2018 News review with Colin Meyn of VTDigger.org; legal analyst Vince Illuzzi on could the Jack Sawyer case be prosecuted at the federal level? In the second hour, physician and historical novelist Jack Mayer talks about his book “Before the Court of Heaven.”

The Dave Gram Show – April 25, 2018

In the first hour today, we’ll be talking with Defender General Matt Valerio about alleged school shooting planner Jack Sawyer and the public reaction to that case. Was there an over-reaction? In the second hour, it’s the (former) mayors. Barre’s Thom Lauzon and Montpelier’s John Hollar join us for a discussion of local option taxes and other municipal matters.

The Dave Gram Show – April 23, 2018

On Monday’s Dave Gram show on WDEV: Karl Marx famously called religion “the opiate of the people.” With religious involvement in decline in America and opiate abuse and overdose deaths on the rise, is it time to turn Marx’s dictum on its head? Are we getting to the point where opiates are the religion of the people? Our guests will …

The Dave Gram Show – April 18, 2018

April is National Financial Literacy Month, and we have two experts coming on to talk about it: Vermont state Treasurer Beth Pearce and Tom Leavitt, president and CEO of Northfield Savings Bank.

The Dave Gram Show – April 17, 2018

Does Vermont need a new layer of regulation to protect children from toxic chemicals? On Monday, Gov. Phil Scott vetoed S.103, which called for the commissioner of health to have new authority to ban children’s products found to contain chemicals of high concern. On Tuesday’s Dave Gram Show, we’ll have Paul Burns of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, who …

The Dave Gram Show – April 11, 2018

“If you break it, you own it,” then-Secretary of State Colin Powell said about invading Iraq, and 15 years later, that ancient land along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers appears still to be broken. On Wednesday’s Dave Gram Show on WDEV, Dave talks with members of a distinguished panel of speakers who have gathered for the 2018 William E. Colby …

The Dave Gram Show – April 6, 2018

The Dave Gram Show is back broadcasting live from the Vermont Statehouse on Friday. We’ll have a look at plans for a new mental health facility in Berlin and a decision by the Vermont Labor Relations Board to impose contract terms on state employees. We’ll also hear from both sides in the debate over raising Vermont’s minimum wage to $15 …

The Dave Gram Show – April 4, 2018

On Wednesday’s Dave Gram Show, Bernie Sanders talks about the state of race relations in the United States, and about his own relations with leaders of communities of color in Vermont. We’ll also ask him how to avoid a repeat of the Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign. Later, we’ll talk with University of New Hampshire Professor Elizabeth Burakowski on …

The Dave Gram Show – April 2, 2018

Should little boys always get the construction toys and girls the dolls? Or is it time to use toys to teach the little ones about changing gender roles? We hear from a toy store owner and a children’s center director. Then, April is the cruelest month, the poet says, but Vermont’s capital is using poetry to make it a bit …

The Dave Gram Show – March 30, 2018

The Dave Gram Show on Friday returns to the Statehouse in Montpelier, where guns and efforts to control them remain the top story. Guests for the March 30 show include House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, Congressman Peter Welch, 2nd Amendment advocate Bill Moore, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Sears and Sen. Peg Flory, who announced this week she’ll be retiring from …

The Dave Gram Show – March 26, 2018

On the one month anniversary of the Dave Gram Show, Dave is in Craftsbury talking with Olympic Skiers about the future of the sport. Interviews include skiers Kikkan Randall, Ida Sargent, Andy Newell, and Caitlin Patterson as well as Judy Greer, co-owner of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.

The Dave Gram Show – March 20, 2018

On Tuesday we lead off with 2 in-studio guests: Dustin Degree and Sarah Buxton, co-leaders of Gov. Phil Scott’s Interagency Workforce Expansion Team. They’ll talk about efforts to grow Vermont’s labor pool to keep employers happy and the economy vibrant.

The Dave Gram Show – March 14, 2018

In the first hour, Annette Smith executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, talks about a report released by her group Monday saying Vermont has been going about the development of renewable energy in all the wrong ways. Then we hear from Olivia Campbell-Anderson of Renewable Energy Vermont, who thinks the state is largely on the right track. In …

The Dave Gram Show – March 9, 2018

In the first hour, Norwich University computer science professor Jeremy Hansen talks about the new public effort supported by a dozen towns this week to bring high-speed internet service to residents and businesses. In the second hour, Vermont Rep. Kiah Morris visits be phone from Bennington to talk about challenges faced by African-Americans in Vermont.