Open Mike- 11/18/16


Reporter Round Table

Erin Mansfield

VT Digger

Topic: Information about the VITAL group and how they interact with the Green Mountain Care Board.

Jasper Craven

VT Digger

Topic: The Republican Governor Meetings  and a  story on Trump doing well in several towns in the Northeast Kingdom.

Jessica Aloe 

Burlington Free Press 

Topic: Three drug related stories in the Burlington area (The Federal Government expands opiate treatment providers, The Burlington Police Department has seen an increase in robberies because of drugs, and a push to legalize marijuana).

John Walters

Vermont Political Observer 

Topic: His new job as  Seven Days columnist

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

Who is General Mike Flynn, will Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz get positions in Donald Trump’s Cabinet? Will a number of Trump Family members get cabinet positions? How does Trump keep his voter base strong? Bernie Sander has a new job as The Democratic Party’s Outreach Chairman. Which leaders in The US Congress and Senate will stay and which will step down?


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