Open Mike- 3/20/17


Topic: There have been several arrests of undocumented immigrants in Vermont, do you agree with this process?
Jasper Craven
VTDigger Washington Reporter
Topic: Congressional reaction to President Donald Trump’s budget plan, how the budget will impact Vermonters, Democrats are rejecting most of the President’s ideas and reaction to the arrests on undocumented immigrants in Vermont.
Dominic Cloud
Saint Albans City Manager
Topic:  The funding, design and process to revitalize the downtown.
10:05 to 10:15
Victoria Jones
Talk Media News
What programs will President Donald Budget cut, will the GOP health care plan make it through Congress, the Senate  has hearings for Trump’s Supreme Court Justice Nomination and The Secretary of State is meeting with leaders in China and South Korea.
10:20 to 10:40
David Tremblay 
State Apiary Inspector  
Agricultural Products Specialist
Topic: The art of raising bees in Vermont, regulation, the prevention of disease, good bee keeping practices and  the production of honey.
Open Mike
More thoughts on immigration rights nationwide.