Open Mike- Friday 11/04/16


Jasper Craven

VT Digger Reporter

Topic: A review of the race between Scott Milne and Senator Patrick Leahy.

Jess Aloe

Burlington Free Press Reporter

Topic: Details about a candidate for the Vermont House who has been charged with Revenge Porn, there are charges against several Saint Michael’s College students connected to a drug deal gone wrong and a review of background checks for pre-k child providers.

Paul Heintz

Seven Days

Topic: A review of the major Vermont Political races, the scandals connected to some public office seekers, how some WikkiLeak releases have Vermont connections, the fallout from Donna Brazile being let go from CNN and how many voters are tired of this year’s election process.

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

As a result of this year’s Presidential Election, have the Republican and Democratic Parties suffered? Why do many military people support Donald Trump? If Hillary Clinton is elected president does the FBI investigation stop? Is the election rigged and who will win next Tuesday?

Open Mike

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