Open Mike- Friday 12/16/16


Paul Heintz

Political Editor

Seven Days

Topic: Governor Elect Phil Scott’s transition team’s work to build a cabinet, high points and low points connected to such work. The Associated Press has laid off a number of reporters nationwide including one worker in Montpelier. A winner has been declared in the legislative race for Orange/Windsor 1. Will out- going Governor Peter Shumlin move forward to nominating a Vermont Supreme court justice replacement?

Open Mike

(Free for all Friday)

Topic: Reflections on today’s anniversary of the Battle of The Bulge

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

Why is The CIA reluctant to go before Congress? Is Harry Reid correct in stating that The FBI cost Hillary Clinton the Presidential Election? What type of leadership should Donald Trump look for in appointing a Director of The Veterans Administration and should Democratic Leaders get behind Donald Trump’s Presidency or continue to find ways to overturn the results of the Electoral College.

Open Mike

Free for all Friday