Open Mike- Friday 1/27/17


Rep. Maida Townsend

Chair, House Government Operations Committee

Topic: Should the state release e-mails connected to the EB-5 investigation. Why is Vermont Digger having such a tough time getting all of the e-mails released and a legislative push to get another re-count of a race in Windsor County.

Rep. Hedi Scheuerman

Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs

Topic: Reaction to Governor Phil Scott’s Budget Proposal  and renewed efforts to pass the independent contractor regulations bill.

Michael Olesker

Talk Media News

Are President Donald Trump’s actions against Mexico good for America? What effect will such have on trade and relations with Mexican Officials? President Trump often speaks out against media coverage of his various policies and many Democrats are taking a “scotched earth” policy on all of the White House’s orders, why?

John Walters

Columnist for Seven Days

Topic:  A review of Governor Phil Scott’s Budget Address. Plans to fund the clean up of Lake Champlain. Efforts by the legislature to form an Ethic’s Commission and should the state of Vermont release the EB-5 e-mails that Vermont Digger has requested?

Rep. David Sharpe

Chair, House Education Committee.

Topic: Will all of Governor Phil Scott’s Budget proposals be achieved and thoughts on Lyndon and Johnson State Colleges merging.