Open Mike – Friday 3/11/16



Rep Carolyn Partridge – Chair House Agriculture Food and Markets Committee
Topic: What her committee is doing in this session of the legislature, what bills they are dealing with and what issues they face.

Janet Miller – Sargent of Arms VT State House
Topic: What is her job all about?

Open Mike – Topic: A re-cap of some of the issues that have been brought up during past programs this week.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on last night’s Republican Debate, what the presidential race will be like moving forward and some pending legislation in Washington D.C.

Senator Tim Ashe – Chair Senate Finance Committee
Topic: Health care issues, related legislation and the process that goes into paying for health care.

Kyle Midura – WCAX Reporter
Topic: What “cross over” means at the State House and what bills will not become law this year?