Open Mike – Friday 4/29/16



Senator Dick Sears – Chair Senate Judiciary Committee
Topic: Will the push to legalize Marijuana in the state succeed this year, will the legislature end the session by next weekend, what is the status of various other bills?

Open Mike – Topic: Should Bernie Sanders end his run for the White House, do you think Sanders run for President has changed national politics and what are your thoughts on the Vermont Legislature trying to legalize pot use in Vermont?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on his political interactions with convicted child sex offender former Speaker Dennis Hasert, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in the general election–which campaign will do better with woman voters and the ongoing aggressive behavior from the leader of North Korea.

Rep. Hedi Scheuermann – Topic: What is the status of the bill connected to independent contractors in Vermont and does she think the legislature will finish business in the next week?

Ken Squier
Topic: a preview of this weekend’s events connected to Thunder Road, the history of local stock car racing, why racing at Thunder Road is so cherished by race fans, and other reflections on the sport now and in the future.