Open Mike- Friday 5/12/17



Steve Terry

WCAX Political Analyst

Topic: A review of the 2017 Legislative Session, how Governor Phil Scott has fared thus far in dealing with lawmakers and his campaign promises. Also are Vermont Voters happy with Legislative efforts this session?

Anne Galloway

Vermont Digger

Topic: a look at what issues legislators are working on to reach adjournment, reaction to the legislative efforts to legalize marijuana, the status of the EB-5 fraud prosecution in Vermont and why have legislators not investigated the EB-5 program this session?

Open Mike

Topic: How would you rate the 2017 Legislative Session?

Michael Olesker

Talk Media News

Why President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey is being questioned by a number of people, did Comey do a go job as Director of The FBI and is the White House Staff in crisis?

Open Mike

Topic: Have people with different political points of view lost the ability to have a civil conversation about their beliefs?

Senator Kevin Mullen

Topic: Have Legislators reached a resolution on how to negotiate Vermont Teacher Health Care Benefits as proposed by Governor Phil Scott?

Senator Dustin Degree

Topic: Will the legislature adjourn over the course of this weekend?