Open Mike- Friday 5/19/17


Elizabeth Hewitt

VT Digger

Topic: A look back at the 2017 Vermont Legislative Session, which bills passed, which did not, what happened during Thursday Night’s Adjournment and what is ahead for Legislators.

Open Mike

Topic: Listener thoughts on the success and failures of the Vermont Legislature and Governor Phil Scott’s first months in office.

Michael Olesker

Talk Media News

President Donald Trump is off to a multi-nation world wide trip, The President faces a number of criticism over alleged involvement with Russia and does Trump hurt himself by firing members of his White House Staff if such were to occur?

Topic: More thoughts on how the 2017 Legislative Session performed, should President Trump be removed from office or are people out to get him?

Bill Atkinson

President eleMental Edge

Topic: what his company does, how companies and individuals can benefit and why people would look to his company for help.