Open Mike – Friday 5/20/16


Open Mike – Topic: Should US Senator Patrick Leahy release e-mails connected to the EB-5 Scandal in the North East Kingdom? What bathrooms should Trans-Gender People use, are Women more open to social change then Men and why?

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on the continued tension by some National Democrats pressuring Bernie Sanders to get out of the race and other 2016 Presidential Politics.

Open Mikec – Topic: In this weekend’s Democratic Convention in Barre, Vermont, will voters try to get state super deligates to support Bernie Sanders?

Hillarie Scott – Race to Read Program
Topic: information on how this programs works, how things are going up to this date with efforts to get Vermont youth to read and how she got involved in this effort.

Ken Squier – Topic: A reflection how the 2016 Race for President and the highly charged atmosphere connected to such.