Open Mike – Friday 5/6/16



Erin Mansfield – Reporter VT Digger
Topic: Vermont Healthcare reform efforts, why have various bills at the state house failed this year while others have passed, what she is working on this week, what process does she use to create news stories and what are some of the highs and some of the lows to the type of work she does as a reporter.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on why Paul Ryan has thus far not endorsed Donald Trump, what has Trump’s response been towards Speaker Ryan lack of support for his campaign, can Trump bring the Republican Party together, is he acting more presidential in recent days, is his negative campaign affecting other GOP office seekers, does Bernie Sanders stay in the race for President and what are Bernie’s chances in the remaining primaries.

Shap Smith – Speaker of The Vermont House
Topic: Will the legislature end this year’s session this weekend, what work is still left to be done, how has this year’s legislative session gone, why did some bills fail this year and will he run for Lt. Governor later this year?