Open Mike – Friday 7/22/16


Professor Eric Davis – Middlebury College
Topic: Did Donald Trump deliver a strong speech Thursday Night, did the Trump Campaign unify the delegates at this year’s GOP Convention, who might Hillary Clinton Nominate for Vice President, can she overcome the lack of trust some voters have had concerns about, thoughts on the large amount of money being spent on campaigns for office in Vermont and a review on some of the major political races in Vermont in 2016.

Cairn G. Cross – Fresh Tracks Capital
Topic: information about the “Road Pitch” program, what it is, what is does, when and where it takes place and success stories connected to the event.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
A wrap up of the GOP Convention, will Trump gain momentum due to the event, his believe that Ted Cruz has doomed his political career by not endorsing Trump, who Hillary Clinton will pick for Vice President and why, and thoughts on next week’s Democratic National Convention.

Jeb Spaulding – Chancellor Vermont State Colleges
Topic: more information about the potential merger of Lyndon and Johnson State Colleges, why it should be done, what name will represent both campuses, how much money could be saved, when will the decision be made, how will such a merger affect students and staff?