Open Mike – Friday 7/8/16


Dr. Steven Metz – Retired Animal Vet.
Topic: an ongoing visitor to the Open Mike program, Doctor Metz talks about a wide variety of pet care, physical needs and whatever callers are curious hearing about on the subject.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reflecting on Thursday Night’s shooting in Dallas and is America heading towards the kind of violence that happened in the 1960’s. Reporting on Thursday’s Congressional Hearing, thoughts on the character of the FBI Director, Hillary Clinton’s problems handling secure information with some e-mails, does Clinton have continued problems with people not trusting her, Donald Trump’s tendency to make enemies in both major political parties, what is next for Bernie Sanders, at this year’s Republican National Convention will there be an effort to dump Trump from the ticket as some claim and who will Trump pick as his Vice President?

A re-broadcast of Dallas Police Chief Dave Brown’s morning Press Conference connected to the shooting death of 5 police officers by a sniper Thursday Night.

Open Mike – Topic: Thoughts on the shooting in Dallas, a preview of next Tuesday’s show that will deal with this subject and thoughts on the 2016 political race.