Open Mike – Friday 9/9/16


Open Mike – Opening Narrative and guest preview of the 15 Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

Garrett Graff – Former Editor – Politico Magazine
A review of his article “The Untold Story of Air Force One on 9/11”–why he wrote it, the process of putting this type of story together, what locations President George W Bush flew during that day, President Bush’s desire to get back to Washington DC asap and why that did not happen, a rumor that Air Force One could have a high jacker on board, the lack of credible government communications that day and what presidential protocol changes have been made since that day?

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
On September 11th 2001 he was a freshman in High School on the West Coast, how studies stopped, teachers became councilors and how a younger generation woke to a more violent world.

Brandon del Pozo – Chief Burlington Police
On September 11, 2001 he was serving as a New York City Police Officer, where he was working before the first tower was hit, did he think the first crash was a terrorist attack, what it was like arriving at the trade center location during the attacks, how being assigned to the NY Stock Exchange kept him away from the first tower collapse location, what work he did as part of the recovery operation and what memories from 9/11 are forever on his mind.

Brian Dubie – Former Lt Governor of Vermont
Apart from his political duties, Brian Dubie has been a pilot for American Airlines–he was on the tarmac at Logan Airport during the high jacking of various commercial airliners, he reviewed airline policy at that time for dealing with airline terrorist, his friendship with one of the pilots murdered by highjackers that day, his role as a member of the national guard during the ground zero recovery operations, what it was like the first time he arrived at the former World Trade Center area and how has 9/11 changed him professionally and personally.

Open Mike – Topic: what reflections do listeners have of 9/11