Open Mike – Monday 10/10/16


Open Mike – Topic: thoughts on Sunday Night’s second Presidential Debate, who won the debate, who lost and how did the moderators do?

Chara Vincelette Perocchi Hard – Outreach/Advocate Educator – Voices Against Violence
Topic: With many people upset with Donald Trump’s statements about women; a conversation about sexual aggression both physical and verbal was discussed. How to spot such behavior, how to stop it, where to seek help and get more information on the topic.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reaction to Sunday Night’s Presidential Debate, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s meeting with GOP members Monday to talk about if Republicans should stop supporting Donald Trump and will efforts to get Trump to stop his bid for the White House increase or decrease in the coming weeks?

Open Mike – Topic: More thoughts on Sunday’s debate or any other topic listeners want to address.