Open Mike – Monday 8/1/16


Open Mike – Topic: a preview of today’s programs and how the 2016 Democratic Convention went?

James Blue – Senior Producer Content – PBS News Hour
Topic: James covered both Presidential Conventions, he had thoughts on if what happened live at each event was well represented by various media outlets, how his editing and production job unfolded and what major campaign events will the national media be focusing on next?

Open Mike – Topic: Should the Presidential Electoral Process be change or remain the same?

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on her experiences at the Democratic National Convention, the political climate at such events and reaction to Donald Trump’s comments connected to The Khan family.

Open Mike – Topic: Final thoughts on Campaign 2016 Nationally and races in Vermont

Sandor Katz
Topic: a look at some of his books and presentations on Fermentation, why is fermentation important, what about the process has made him so interested in the topic, concerns about safe fermentation procedures, how food items are fermented at home and by commercial operations.