Open Mike – Monday 9/26/16


Open Mike with Hester Fuller – Topic: thoughts on how Monday Night’s Presidential Debate will go for the candidates and how the media will cover the event.

James Blue – Producer for PBS Newshour
Topic: Monday Night’s Presidential Debate, how PBS plans to cover the event, the work it takes to cover the debate, thoughts on what viewers might hear in the debate.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Rating are expected to be high for the Monday Night’s Presidential Debate, a look at the prep work both campaigns are doing for the event, the strengths and weakness’ of each candidate as a public speaker and what will the Moderators role be in tonight’s debate?

Open Mike – Topic: Additional thoughts on Monday Night’s Presidential Debate and which candidate will you vote for in November and why?

Rusty Dewees – Topic: reflections on the life and literary work of David Budbill, who passed away this past weekend.