Open Mike – Thursday 10/13/16


Randy Brock – Republican Candidate – Lt. Governor of Vermont
Topic: why he is running for the position, why he thinks David Zuckerman has been at times racially insensitive and why Vermonters should vote for him in the November election.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
The 2016 Presidential Election has been unlike any other such race to date; will future races be this heated, is Hillary Clinton too close to some members of the press and will Clinton’s remarks about The Pope’s role as being dated hurt her among catholic voters?

Richard G. Vanden Bergh – Professor of Strategy – University of Vermont
Topic: Information about the upcoming Janus Forum on US Immigration Policy, what is Janus, who will be debating, who will be the moderator, when is the event and where can people find more information about it?

Open Mike – Topic: Will accusations of sexual misconduct hurt Donald Trump’s campaign and will the Wikileaks connected to Hillary Clinton hurt her campaign or as a voter do you not care about either scenario?