Open Mike – Thursday 10/27/16

Peter Welch
Vermont Congressman
Topic: what will congress do after the general election, is Obamacare working, thoughts on taking back National Guard bonuses in California, what should the United States do in the war on terror in Iraq, is Russia trying to hack into the united states election computers, is there a new cold war with Russia, what should be done in Syria and what will his committee set as goals in the upcoming session.

Open Mike
Topic: More thoughts on Lt. Governor David Zuckerman’s 2013 comments about the role of the Vermont Air Guard’s involvement in the 911 attacks and why are people unhappy with how the national government is run?

Victoria Jones
Talk Media News
Are Donald Trump’s campaign promises realistic, can Trump get many african american voters to vote for him, is there too much Wikileaks information to comb through and will the US Senate become democratic or republican controlled after the general election?

Tom Licata
VT Senate Candidate
Topic: Progressive versus Conservative political philosophies.