Open Mike – Thursday 11/03/16


Open Mike

Topic: What issues do you find of importance when casting your vote in the 2016 Presidential Election.


Kyle Aines

US Army Veteran

Resource Advisor CCV

Topic: His role as a Veteran’s advisor at CCV, what he does, how he helps veterans and a review of some upcoming events on campus focused on the well fare of Veterans.

Victoria Jones

Talk Media News

The Presidential race has less than a week before the general election, what is each campaign focusing on, will the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails extend into the business transactions of The Clinton Foundation and is Donna Brazile’s termination by CNN creating a stir in DC politics.

Jay Fayette

Senior Vice President

PC Construction

Topic: Who are they? What type of construction do they do? How does the state of the economy affects their industry? What environmental concerns do they deal with? Their work re-building the Waterbury State Office Complex and the charitable work they do.

Open Mike

Topic: A re-cap of what issues affect your vote in this year’s election.