Open Mike- Thursday 12/15/16


Aaron Hill

Hazen Wildcats basketball coach

Topic: A review of his role as coach, information about the team’s record, his coaching style and what he likes about living in the Hardwick Community.

Larry Hamel

Owner of Hardwick Clothing Company

Topic: A look back at his role in restoring the building his company is in, information about his business and what government office positions he has been part of.

Jon Jewett

Hardwick Town Manager

Topic: A look at important issues facing the The Town and what will the future hold for Hardwick residents.

Victoria Jones

Talk Media News

Topic: Thousands of Yahoo Mail accounts have been hacked, President Vladimir Putin’s involvement in Election Hacking, continued bloodshed in Aleppo, Donald Trump’s meeting with Tech Executives, and what effect will the Federal Interest rate hike have on consumers?

Dan Hill

Former Hardwick Selectman and Town Manager

Topic: A look at events important to Hardwick Residents in the past, present and future.

Andrew Meyer

Founder Vermont Soy Company and Vermont Natural Coatings

Topic: Information about what these companies produce, how they were founded and a look at Hardwick Area Business Climate.