Open Mike- Thursday 2/16/17


Peter Welch

Vermont Congressman

Topic: should the EB-5 program be dissolved,thoughts on Michael Flynn’s departure from office, is the F-35 program a good match for Vermont, what should the United States do about the fighting in Syria, how should Obamacare be replaced and will the political climate in Washington D.C calm down in the the coming weeks?

Paul Heintz

Political Editor Seven Days

Topic: How President Donald Trump’s  Immigration policy affects The Vermont Dairy Farm workforce and other state agricultural jobs.

Justin Duckham

Talk Media News

Who is responsible for the news leaks from the White House, who will President Donald Trump replace departing officials with and status of the latest votes in Congress for other Trump nominations.

Open Mike

Free For All Thursday

Topic: Vermont EB-5 related e-mails are being released, deporting migrant Vermont Farm Workers, South Burlington officials have changed the name of a sports team, the status of a contested Washington Country House Race Seat and will Governor Phil Scott’s opposition to President Trump’s immigration ban hurt his support from some voters?