Open Mike- Thursday 3/2/17


General Gordon R. Sullivan USA (Ret.)

Served as the 32nd Army Chief of Staff under Presidents Bush and Clinton

Topic: Climate change and why this should be important to the military, his career, what he is doing now, thoughts on today’s military readiness and what is the biggest security threat that faces the United States?

Open Mike

Topic: Some have been critical of fallen Navy Seal widow Karen Owens attendance at President Donald Trump’s recent address to Congress; what are your thoughts on the matter?

Victoria Jones

Talk Media News

Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions in trouble for lying about his campaign talks with Russia, did raids in Yemen by US Troops yield important military information, what is the time table to replace Obamacare and the latest presidential cabinet nomination hearings.

Open Mike

Free For All Thursday

Listener thoughts on Karen Owens being attacked by anti-Trump supporters, how has President Trump performed in his first weeks in office, a few callers were impressed with the information General Sullivan had in the first hour of today’s program and how much of a threat to America does Russia pose?