Open Mike – Thursday 3/31/16


Brandon del Pozo
Burlington Police Chief
Topic: How law enforcement trains to deal with people with mental illness at a time of crisis. Chief del Pozo also reviewed what details he could legally provide about last week’s police shooting in the Queen City, what his department will do next after an investigation into the event is completed, details on an upcoming community meeting on the subject and what has been the reaction of Governor Shumlin and the state’s Congressional leaders on the topic?

Patrick McArdle
Reporter Rutland Herald
Topic: Update on the water contamination issues in southern Vermont, what is being done to address the contamination and how are residents in that area reacting to the problem?

Jill Kelly – A woman at the center of the General Petreaus Scandal
Topic: How she got to know the General, what went on and what regrets she has about reporting the incident to the FBI.

Brain Dubie – Former Vermont Lt. Governor
Topic: The effort to change how wind towers are sited, how does this process currently work, why should it change, what is being done to change the process and is wind power about greener energy or making money?