Open Mike – Thursday 4/14/16


Leighton Detora – Vermont Attorney
Topic: a talk about the various illnesses that ticks can pass to humans and animals, information connected to the illness he got from a tick bite and research he has done about awareness, treatment and prevention.

Laurie Lewis – Talk Media News
Further information on close flyovers in the black sea by Russian Fighter Jets over the USS Donald Cook, President Obama’s update on the fight against ISIS, efforts curb the Zika Virus, the appeal of Donald Trump among voters looking for a Washington Outsider and a report that shows that The Chicago Police are not interacting well with African American residents.

Raj Bhakta – Owner Whistle Pig Distillery
Topic: What does the name Whistle Pig mean, the history of rye whiskey in America, how his operation works, a reflection of the rich history of the Lake Champlain area and information on The Progressive Farm Alliance Movement.