Open Mike – Thursday 4/28/16


Pat Bannerman – Lyme Disease Survivor
Topic: information about her life, how she got the disease, how the medical community discovered her illness, the high rate of Lyme Disease in Vermont, the origins of the disease, what steps to take to avoid contact with Ticks, what are the signs that someone may have Lyme Disease, support group and what should you tell your Doctor to help them test you for Lyme Disease.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on Bernie Sanders campaign downsizing staff, Dennis Hasert going to jail for sex crimes against young men, reaction from leaders on Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech, what a Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton general election might be like and Senator Ted Cruz’s choice for Vice President.

Open Mike – Topic: What impact Bernie Sanders had on this year’s race for the White House. Concerns on how Vermont Students are doing on standardized tests.