Open Mike – Thursday 5/19/16


Open Mike – Topic: Should Bernie Sanders drop out of the race for President? Many National Democrats seem to be trying to make him step aside because some say he is hurting Hillary Clinton’s bid for The White House.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on a new poll that shows Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in a general election vote, are some Democrats trying to get Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race for President and an update about The Egypt Air Plane that has crashed and if it may be an act of terrorism.

John McCann – North Branch Vineyards
Topic: how did he get into this line of work, what kind of grape grows best in Vermont, if someone wants to get into the winemaking business what should they do, how do you grow a good grape in Vermont, what can hurt your grape crop, the types of wine that can be made, information about his business in Montpelier.