Open Mike – Thursday 6/2/16


Phil Scott – Vermont Lt. Governor (Running as a Republican for Governor of VT)
Topic: Is global warming for real, does he support wind power on ridgelines, does he support Governor Schumlin vetoing the energy bill, what are his ideas for health care reform, should the agency of human services be split into two groups, why does he not support Donald Trump for President, does he support the EB-5 program, should gun laws be changed in the state and if elected Governor what are his plans for his construction business?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on is it a wise move for Hillary Clinton’s campaign to be focusing more on Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders Campaign, is there a chance that Hillary Clinton may not be the Democratic nominee for President, why have many newspapers come out against Donald Trump and if Bernie Sanders wins the California Primary is that a game changer in the race for the White House?

Adam Cohen – President of Ranger Solar
Topic: what his business does, why are they doing business in Vermont, is power generation changing, why should we invest in Solar Power, where in Vermont is Ranger Solar doing projects, what is the scale of these projects, an explanation of renewable energy credits in the state, what other states are they building solar projects and what is the future of solar power?