Open Mike – Thursday 6/30/16


Peter Galbraith – Running for Governor of Vermont
Topic: why does he want to run for Governor, he has a reputation for not getting along with some people; is this true, his views on health care in Vermont, education funding, gun control, renewable energy and phone calls from voters on subjects important to them.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on how former President Bill Clinton’s recent meeting with The Attorney General is causing outrage from many people, Donald Trump’s recent speech on trade, can Hillary Clinton win support of Bernie Sanders supporters, what will Bernie Sanders hope to achieve at the Democratic National Convention and thoughts on Sander’s Editorial in the New York Times this week.

Peter Galbraith
Topic: a few more questions on his campaign ideas and more listener phone calls.

Open Mike – Topic: A review of The Open Mike Listener Poll of The Day and a preview of Friday’s program

Today’s Open Mike Poll: