Open Mike – Thursday 6/9/16


Open Mike – Topic: Is Donald Trump not interested in actually becoming President as some people claim?

Jeb Spaulding – Chancellor Vermont State Colleges
Topic: how does the Dual Enrollment process work, are other states doing a program like this, what is the biggest challenge State Colleges face, why did Castleton change its name to a university, how has online course offerings affected campus study in Vermont and what should future leaders do to help keep Vermont Students from leaving the state?

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on the White House meeting today between Bernie Sanders and President Obama, is Donald Trump not interested in becoming President, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s immigration plans, and reaction to bombings in Israel.

Open Mike – Topic: Is Bruce Lisman’s plans to run a negative campaign a good idea?

Ken Squier
Topic: Thoughts on Bernie Sanders run for President, the problems with Super Delegates and should Bernie stay in the race right through the Democratic Convention?

Open Mike – Topic: The race for president in 2016 and The Vermont race for Governor, thoughts on these contests.