Open Mike- Thursday 7/6


Open Mike

Topic: Some are unhappy that Governor Phil Scott rode a motorcycle in a recent parade with no helmet and with a rash of overdoses how can the drug problem be solved in Vermont?

Victoria Jones

Talk Media News

Will the road forward with North Korea’s Military Aggression be solved through diplomacy or military options, Representative Steve Scalise is back in the hospital in critical condition due to an infection, Representative Clay Higgins has offended many with a video he made at a  holocaust location and why is Former Prime Minister Tony Blair so unpopular with many people from the United Kingdom?

Erin Mansfield

VT Digger Reporter

The Chair of The Green Mountain Care Board has proposed that Hospital Administrators be more transparent with the amount of their salaries.

TJ Donovan

Vermont Attorney General

Topic: Guidelines he will offer to the Vermont Secretary of State on what voter data should legally be released to the Trump Administration, how can drug use be controlled in the state and other top issues his office is dealing with.

Roger Marcoux Jr
Lamoille County Sheriff
Topic: Law enforcement issues in Lamoille County and illegal drug use there and statewide.