Open Mike – Thursday 7/7/16


Garrett Graff – Former Editor Politico
Topic: a review of a recent article he wrote about FBI Director James Comey, the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail security violations, a preview of today’s Congressional Hearing on the FBI’s decision to not prosecute Clinton, is this e-mail matter now behind Clinton and will it affect voter trust in her campaign?

Open Mike – Topic: What is your opinion about The Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation?

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on today’s Congressional Hearing of James Comey and how that event might go, how is Hillary Clinton’s image fairing in light of recent events and the latest political moves in Britain after the vote to leave the EU.

Anton Tebbetts – WCAX News Director
Topic: how he got into radio, his career at WDEV, why he believes WDEV has been so successful over the past 85 years, who his radio mentors have been, is radio at all like television news and other related thoughts. Summer Birds in Vermont, endangered species and what birds are the first to fly south for the winter.