Open Mike – Thursday 9/8/16


A preview of Friday’s September 11th program, thoughts on 9/11/ and related events and the need for Senator Patrick Leahy to take part in more debates this fall.

Roger Hill – Radio Vermont Forecaster
Topic: has he always been interested in the weather, why he moved to Vermont, what is the science behind weather modeling, what is the hardest part of his job, what lessons can be learned about weather patterns, how has technology advancements helped to improve forecasting, why did he chose to work for WDEV, why is WDEV so important to the community and has he ever been really off about what the weather will do?

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
A review of Wednesday Night’s Commander and Chief Television Program, the problems connected to Trump University, polling that indicates how close the race for the White House is at present and what does the 911 Commission mean when they say “Crank it up.”

Chip Darmstadt – Executive Director North Branch Nature Center
Topic: what does the center do, bird activity in the fall, how to spot different birds, why do birds sing less this time of year, what should you do if you find an injured bird and how does somebody become a more seasoned bird watcher?