Open Mike – Tuesday 10/11/16


Alex Apple – WCAX Reporter
Topic: reflections on Monday night’s vigil at Harwood Union, who were the students that were lost and how the community is pulling together in this time of grief.

Brigid Schubert Nease – Superintendent – Washington West Supervisory Union
Topic: what needs do students at Harwood have in the wake of the fatal car crash, what are school officials doing to help meet such needs on campus and what can community members do to show their support?

Fran Whitney Nelson – Sudden Death Trauma Specialist
Topic: a review of the different stages of grief, what process do family members go through during a time of loss, what roles do friends play at such times, how young people deal with loss in a different way then adults and what positive methods should people practice when remembering lost loved ones.

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
Are efforts by some GOP leaders to get Donald Trump to stop his bid for President working, are some media outlets out to get Trump, if Donald Trump looses in the General Election can he blame those republican’s who pulled their support for his campaign, if he wins the general election will he replace House Speaker Paul Ryan and Wikileaks has released more negative information about Hillary Clinton, will this information hurt her campaign?

Bill Mckibben – Schumann Distinguished Scholar – Middlebury College – Environmentalist
Topic: What is happening with the North Dakota Pipeline Project, why is it important to seek alternative forms of energy, global warming is not a new topic–why has it taken so long for the most of the public to embrace the subject, are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s energy policies correct, what steps should the United States take to turn to greener forms of energy production and what impact does the Paris Accords have on nations worldwide?