Open Mike- Tuesday 1/24/17


Jasper Craven

Washington D.C. Reporter

VT Digger

Topic: Donald Trump’s Inauguration, The Women’s March in Washington D.C., Trump’s policies and nominees.

Attendee at the Women’s March

Topic: Why she participated in Women’s March in Washington D.C., what it was like at the event and will the message of the march continue forward.

Open Mike

Topic: What is your reaction to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. and around the world?

Michael Olesker

Talk Media News

President Donald Trump’s meeting with CEO’s yesterday, Trump’s claim Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote due to illegal voters, should the children of a President be exempt from political satire and have Republican Leaders come up with a concrete plan to replace Obamacare.

Jim Condos

Vermont  Secretary of State

Topic: The effort to form a state ethics commission, the recent creation of a campaign finance oversight commission and should the state of Vermont release e-mails connected to EB-5.

Open Mike

Topic: Final thoughts on the Women’s March and a look at Tuesdays budget address from Governor Phil Scott.