Open Mike- Tuesday 12/6/16


Rep. Linda Myers

Topic: Her bid to become Speaker of the Vermont House.

Chris Larson

Attorney Meub Gallivan & Larson Attorneys

Topic: The award of 750 thousand dollars to his client after being stranded on a gondola for several hours in Killington.

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

Thoughts on Donald Trump’s phone call to Taiwan. What might Trey Gowdy’s role be in the GOP party in the coming months?  Al Gore’s meeting with Donald Trump. Is Doctor Ben Carson’s appointment to Secretary of HUD a good match? An update on how General James Mattis’ nomination process is going. Who might become Donald Trump’s choice of Secretary of State and will Vice President Joe Biden run for President in 2020?

Daniel D’Ambrosio 

Burlington Free Press Business Reporter 

Topic: Independent medical providers, will such have a positive or negative impact on the Vermont Health Care System?

Open Mike

Topic: Thoughts on independent medical providers doing business in Vermont and does and individual need prior governmental experience to take a leadership position?