Open Mike- Tuesday 1/31/17


Rep. Bob Frenier

Topic:  There is a second re-count for the Vermont House seat in Orange County District One, why? What happens if the count comes out different?

Alan Graham


Topic: Tracking insects in Vermont, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, bees, insects in your garden, that effect crops and efforts to manage insect populations statewide.

Michael Olesker

Talk Media News

Reaction to President Donald Trump’s ban on some immigrants. Former President Barack Obama has come out against Trump’s ban and who will the President nominate for US Supreme Court Justice.

Henry Marckres

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

A look at the maple industry in Vermont, how much syrup the 2016 season yielded, how sap is harvested, industry standards, changes in technology to produce syrup, preventing syrup fraud and expectations for the 2017 Sugaring Season.
Doctor Kristen Haas
State Veterinarian
Director, Food Safety Consumer Protection

Topic: Protecting dairy and produce consumers, regulations that farmers have to follow, preventing disease in livestock, the increased interest in raising honey bees and how the Food Armor Program works.