Open Mike – Tuesday 2/9/16



New Hampshire Rep Tom Sherman a Hillary Clinton Supporter, who is concerned about Health Care.

Arnie Anerson Talk Radio Host on her support for Bernie Sanders.

Henry Hughes Democrat running for President supports Pro Life and is concerned about Obama Care.

Jimmy Tingle Humorist for President a more light hearted run for President.

Open Mike – Topic: What do you think about the New Hampshire Primaries?

Eva McKend WCAX Morning Host what is it like to be in New Hampshire for the first time?

Rob Warner New Hampshire League of Voters why his group supports Hillary Clinton.

Bob Beville Talk Media News brief rundown of media related events in Manchester.

Adam Sullivan WCAX Reporter what New Hampshire Voters that he has talked with feel about this year’s election.

David Prior Former Governor of Arkansas why Hillary Clinton is a good choice for President and where is the Democratic Party Headed.

Todd Fee New Hampshire Director AARP Medicare funding problems, COLA Update

Open Mike – Topic: Final thoughts on 2016 Elections