Open Mike – Tuesday 3/29/16


Open Mike – Topic: A re-cap of the topic the upcoming guest will be talking about, the shooting in Burlington of a 76 year old man with mental health issues and what could have been done differently in the weeks before the event took place?

Robert Appel – Attorney, Former Defender General
Topic: A review of the recent shooting in Burlington by police, what could have been done differently and what should be considered moving forward. Also a talk about people who have mental health issues and how the community, law enforcement and medical workers can better serve people in a time of personal crisis moving forward.

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
Reporting on weather Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will have another debate, Clinton’s efforts to win Bernie Supporter moving forward and thoughts on John Kerry’s recent announcement about ISIS.

Karen Newman – Triathlete, Cancer Survivor and Author of the Book “Just Three Words.”
Topic: Karen was a victim of bullying as a child, this affected her body image and created an eating disorder. Karen went on to later be a cancer survivor and author on her troubles and how she overcame them.