Open Mike – Tuesday 4/26/16


Open Mike – Topic: The recent release of Governor Shumlin’s expanded expenses from a trip to Paris and his administrations dealings with the EB-5 Scandal in the North East Kingdom.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on today’s five state Primary, will Bernie Sanders stay in the race for president right up to the Democratic convention, Governor John Kaisch and Senator Ted Cruz’s alliance against Trump, will there be a contested GOP Convention, President Obama not releasing how many contractors are being sent to Syria and what is Congress doing to for Americans in the world of Cyber Security?

Anne Galloway – VT Digger
Topic: the latest news connected to the EB-5 Scandal, what caught her attention to investigate this story, efforts to silence her reporting of this story, are there going to be any pending criminal charges, what is the future of the ski resort buildings, will there be construction in Newport, will the contractors get paid, what will happen to the investors and what reforms to the EB-5 system are people like Senator Patrick Leahy calling for?