Open Mike – Tuesday 4/4/17

Open Mike – Topic: Should Democrats filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for The United States Supreme Court?

Huw Read – Director Center for Advanced Computing – Norwich University
Topic: information about the cyber security summer camp on campus, what threats do computer users face from hackers and what computer related studies the university offers each semester.

Danny Sagan – Architecture professor – Norwich University
Topic: Information about The Summer Design Academy on campus and other related studies for students through out the school year.

Michael Olesker – Talk Media News
Why are many Democrats in Congress planning to filibuster the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, will Republicans find enough votes to pass a Obamacare replacement measure.

Anne Galloway – VTDigger
Topic: Aeriel Queros has fired his lawyers, The owner of Stowe Avaition has withdrawn from the EB-5 program and the state has release some, but not all EB-5 related e-mails.

Open Mike – Topic: Should there be a filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination and does the State of Vermont have a transparency problem in releasing information to the public?