Open Mike – Tuesday 4/5/16

With Special Host – Jim Douglas


Mark Redmond – Spectrum
Topic: What his group does, the sleep out fundraiser, how can people help with the work his group does.
(At the beginning of Mark’s interview he shared his unique connection to this year’s men’s NCAA Championship Team)

Don Laackman – President Champlain College
Topic: What his job entails, information about the college, what projects lay ahead for the students.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on today’s primary in Wisconsin, further information about offshore accounts of wealthy people, President Obama immigration powers and some of the cases being heard by the US Supreme Court.

Prof. Matt Dickinson – Political Science Middlebury College
Topic: A review of this year’s race for president, the appeal to voters of Donald Trump, the problems with vote split three ways in the Republican race, the climate of rallies that he has attended and the different campaign methods at work.

Phil Scott – Lt. Governor of Vermont
Topic: A review of the 2016 Legislative Session, reflection on the wide range of Vermont Elections ahead this year, his concerns with this year’s race for President, thoughts on 911 coverage problems and alternative energy siting problems.