Open Mike – Tuesday 5/10/16


Daphne Larkin – Assistant Director Communication Norwich University
Talking about the various fields of study on campus, information of student grants/loans, a review of the ROTC 100 Year Symposium and how Norwich Students are involved in cyber security efforts.

John B de Nagy – Associate Director of Recruitment and Leadership Program – Norwich University
A review of the lessons he learned during his training days in The Navy Seals program and how he has applied those skills to life away from seal team, what he does at the University, information about a House School Camp to help students prepare for military service before College and his believe that if you truly commit to something you can do anything.

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
Reporting on North Carolina’s legal challenge to The US Government over gender equality in restroom in that state, Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan meeting Thursday to talk about their political differences, is Sarah Palin’s personal campaign against Speaker Ryan endorsed by The Trump Campaign, today’s Presidential Primary in West Virginia and will a win by Bernie Sanders today matter in the long run?

Anson Tebbetts – WCAX News Director
Topic: An ongoing talk with Anson about his love of watching and studying birds, what birds are coming back to Vermont this time of year, information about the Vermont State Bird, how long should bird feeders be left out during the course of the year, how to prevent birds from hitting windows and other bird related questions from listeners.