Open Mike – Tuesday 6/14/16


Mike’s thoughts on the mass shooting in Orlando

Kyle Midura – WCAX Reporter
Topic: a review of this week’s trial of Vermont Senator Norm McAllister, a review of the charges, which lawmakers will testify, how long will the trial last, why is there a second trial scheduled, and why has there not been a request for a change of venue?

Tom Pelham – Campaign for Vermont
Topic: problems in the current state budget, who is to blame, what is being done to fix such issues and is there anything that could be done better in the future with such planning?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on what might take place at today’s meeting between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, thoughts on the shootings in Orlando and efforts against such violence and thoughts on a United Nation’s officials comment that the United States is not properly protecting citizens.

Open Mike – Topic: a review of national newspaper’s commentary on the Orlando Shooting, and the rest of the program devoted to that tragedy and what the listeners want to talk about connected to the event.