Open Mike – Tuesday 6/27/17

Open Mike – Topic: Do you agree with President Donald Trump’s Travel Ban and should Obamacare be replaced at all?

Eileen Whalen – President/Chief Operating Officer – The University of Vermont Medical Center
Jill Berry Bowen CEO – Northwestern Medical Center

Topic: Information about the Rise VT movement, what it is and how it may best serve Vermont Health Care patients.

Michael Olesker – Talk Media News
The White House claims Syria is on the verge of another chemical weapons attack against its own people, will there be enough votes to support the Republican Health Care Bill and a review of Supreme Court cases.

Jasper Craven – VTDigger Washington DC Reporter
Topic: Congressional Efforts to reform the EB-5 program. Also the Vermont Delegation’s position on replacing Health Care and the President’s Travel Ban.

Open Mike – Topic: Listener feedback on national issues, health care in Vermont and should the media provide more balanced coverage of the news or not?