Open Mike – Tuesday 6/7/16


Open Mike – Topic: Has some media outlet’s reports that Hillary Clinton already has enough delegate votes even before the results of today’s primaries show her campaign and some news groups are actively working against Bernie Sander’s campaign for President?

Garrett Graff – Former Editor of Politico
Topic: thoughts on today’s final round of presidential primaries, after the results today what is next for Bernie Sanders, what is next for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns, will this year’s Presidential Election change the make up of the Democratic or Republican Parties and a review of an article he wrote on polling methods.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on his belief that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to hurt Bernie Sanders run for office by touting the delegate count, will Bernie leave the race this week, will Clinton’s recent tactics hurt her in the primaries, and are Donald Trump’s various negative remarks finally catching up to him?

Jason Gibbs & Christine Sullivan – Duxbury School Board
Topic: Merger vote of area schools, why the vote is taking place, when, and will such a change save the school money?

Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli – Rutland Herald Reporter
Topic: her coverage of the case against a southern Vermont contractor/farmer facing criminal charges due to one of his animals getting out of it’s enclosure and causing a fatal accident.

Open Mike – Topic: should farmers have to wait to mow their fields to help protect birds and fawns as some have suggested?