Open Mike – Tuesday 7/12/16


Open Mike – Topic: what are your feelings on the fatal shooting of Dallas Police officers, is America heading towards social unrest not seen since the 1960’s?

Brandon del Pozo – Burlington Police Chief
Topic: the reaction of Vermont Police officers to the Dallas Police Shootings, more information about Burlington Police suspending single officer patrols due to the Violence in Dallas, are cops racist, should there be better training in place for police officers nationwide and will police recruitment practices change?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting if Hillary Clinton can attract Bernie Sanders supporters, has Donald Trump missed some chances to question Clinton’s actions such as the e-mail investigation, when will Trump announce his Vice President Selection, why is House Speaker Paul Ryan not supportive of The Trump Campaign at times and a look at Britain’s news Prime Minister.

John Walters – Vermont Political Observer
Topic: review of how some Vermont political races are unfolding and how they are polling, how the remaining major Presidential Campaigns are doing, what has been Bernie Sanders impact on the race for President and what are some big issues that Vermont leaders will face in the coming months?

Open Mike – Topic: Reaction to the Dallas Police Shootings and thoughts on local political races.