Open Mike – Tuesday 7/19/16


Jace Lacquerer – 17 Year Old Vermont Delegate
Topic: what got him interested in being a delegate at this year’s GOP Convention, what is the process to become a delegate, as he is not a Trump supporter–who does he support, what is it like to be a member of the convention, what was the first days like, his support of the no vote movement and does he have any future plans to run for office?

Jeffrey Bartley – Ex. Director Vermont GOP
Topic: what his role is at this year’s GOP Convention, will there be anymore anti-Trump votes, what events are scheduled for Tuesday, what does Trump have to do to unite all delegates, how he thinks the first day went, will Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman not supporting trump hurt them in the Vermont race for Governor, how tight is security at the Convention, will Republicans do well in Vermont political races and what issues are important to Vermonters?

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting live from the Republican Convention on Governor Kaisch not being there, how did the first day go, is Governor Chris Christy angry with Donald Trump about not being chosen for Vice President and what will be taking place at the Convention Tuesday.

Steve Terry – WCAX Political Analyst
Topic: a review of the recent report on Vermont Campaign Finances, a look at the race for Governor in Vermont, also a review of the Vermont Lt. Governor race and what issues are important to Vermonters as they go to the polls this year?

Garrett Graff – Former Editor of Politico
Topic: how can Donald Trump use the GOP Convention to gain momentum, problems at this year’s convention, will Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick help his campaign, should the Trump Campaign need to organize better and a review of a recent article he wrote in Politico with an in depth look at Trump’s plans to build a wall along the border with Mexico.