Open Mike – Tuesday 7/5/16


Open Mike – Topic: a review of an article written by a young man about how millennials of his generation seem out of touch with other age groups and thoughts about how people interact differently in this age of computers, the internet and social media.

Elizabeth Hewitt – Reporter VT Digger
Topic: her report on some recent acts of vandalism on the campus of Sterling College in Craftsbury connected to the display of a Black Lives Matter poster, a Pride Flag etc. Why such acts have been committed and what is being done to stop such activity.

Open Mike – Topic: final thoughts on generational differences and the events in Craftsbury.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on the latest political news from Great Britain, Hillary Clinton’s meeting with The FBI over private e-mail use, Clinton’s upcoming campaign stops with President Obama, Donald Trump’s Vice President selections and when will Trump announce his running mate?

Open Mike – Topic: Is organized religion not working for Vermonters?